Saturday $2k Spades

Cookout Spades Format- Ace High

Most Checkins 6pm-8:45pm

Top 10 teams advance to a 10 team playoff 

team with the most checkins wins $1k

Winner of the 10 team playoff wins $1k

10 team playoff single elimination with one chance to buy back in for $25 per person 

Game Play

  1. Each team is responsible for keeping score 
  2. First team to 350 points, wins 
  3. Bid Every Hand
  4. Bid w/ partner (One person opens and one person closes)
  5. Must bid at least board 
  6. Board = 4 books
  7. Locked bid. (once you bid there is no going up or down)
  8. 2 Sets is Game
  9. Bid 10 +/-150 points
  10. Spades can lead at anytime.
  11. Winning any hand during any match with a Boston is not game. Bidding a Boston is 200 points.
  12. You are allowed to say "a possible"



  1. First Diamond deals to start a new game
  2. Straight cut, straight deal. Deal left, cut right. 
  3. Dealer must get last card or the hand will be considered a misdeal
  4. Dealer cannot flip opponent’s cards
  5. Dealer can NOT look at their bottom card before or while dealing. 
  6. 2 decks of cards will be used for each game.
  7. Players can NOT pick up their hand until the dealer is finished dealing.
  8. No spades + no face cards = Bad Luck (you still have to play)



  1. Renege = Automatic Set for that hand (Renege a 2nd time and your team forfeits the game)
  2. Reneges must be called as soon as its noticed. (Do NOT wait til the end of the hand) 
  3. Must notify staff when calling a renege
  4. If calling a renege, you do not have to choose the specific book. You can flip all books over. However, if you are wrong then you lose 3 books.
  5. Talking across the board = minus 3 books
  6. Any team caught cheating will be disqualified
  7. No phones on the table top. (No points are taken for this rule)
  8. No discussing current or future strategies
  9. Break any rule before you bid and you lose 30 points. Break any rule after you bid and you lose 3 books.  


  1. Books must stay separated thru the entire hand
  2. All books should be placed in order won. No mixing of the books.
  3. All hands must be played out no matter how many books have been bid
  4. One person from each team must record the score
  5. No Blinds
  6. No Nil
  7. No Bags
  8. If there has to be a playoff after the cut off time and your partner has to leave. You are allowed to pickup a new partner.